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Social Commerce: Why You Should Be Using It For Your Marketing

The term social commerce refers to the use of social media avenues to enhance a better shopping experience. In other words, it’s the integration of social media channels in ecommerce.

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand the dynamics shaping social media marketing and how you can exploit its benefits. Here are reasons why you should be using social commerce.

Widening The Client Base

The social media community grows in leaps and bounds every year. You can take advantage of this phenomenon and grow with it. In particular, Facebook has recorded a big growth in the last few years.

The younger generation is not driven by commercial tastes alone in consumption. It’s conscious about social as well as political tastes too. Therefore, with the use of social commerce, you’ll be able to tap into these new opportunities.

Increase In Sales

If you choose social commerce, the increase in sales comes from the phenomenon that a significant number of people spend a significant number of hours on social media platforms.

For example, Generation X is more comfortable shopping through Facebook than other avenues. Social commerce allows users to use apps which are convenient. For example, Depop, a social shopping app, is a good link between ecommerce, social media and technology.

Stronger Engagement With The Audience

An opportunity for a stronger engagement with a large social media following will help you to introduce and enhance your brand. The higher the level of engagement with your audience, the higher the probability of conversion.

The social space is seen as a journey in the purchasing process. One that follows the consumers to the location that they are most active in.

The Opportunity To Go Viral

One of the most unique and inherent characteristics of social media is that it’s sharable. Therefore, if you come up with a unique post, your followers can share it with others through the click of a button.

In addition to that, social commerce can help incorporate the use of influencers who already have a large following in place. Posts go viral start from an interactive perspective.

Therefore, social commerce gives an entrepreneur an opportunity to create interactive content – an Instagram poll for instance.

Social Commerce Features

A close look at the social commerce space will show a plethora of features that are available. For example, ManyChat, an automated chatbot, is a critical tool for engaging with your followers.

In addition to that, is a very effective tool across multiple channels and more so, on Instagram. Furthermore, the market continues to offer new social commerce solutions and you need to keep an eye on them as they’re rolled out.


At the moment, there’s a thin line between ecommerce and social commerce and the two are becoming intertwined. Through the use of social media marketing, you can offer a consistent and seamless client experience.

Overall, if social commerce is well implemented, it will lead to a higher return on investment, a positive reputation and a wide client reach.