Springbot: An Ecommerce Plugin For Multi-Channel Marketing

Multichannel marketing refers to implementing a single digital marketing strategy across multiple channels in order to maximize your opportunities to interact with potential customers. Springbot automates, analyzes and personalizes your digital marketing strategies.

Therefore, you can seamlessly combine different communication platforms such as retail stores, sites, mobile, social media and email with the Springbot plugin. Furthermore, this enables your customers to take action using the communication channel of their choice.

Overview Of Springbot

Springbot is a multi-channel digital marketing plugin that allows users to streamline the process of automating and analyzing their online store’s online marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the plugin relies on data-driven marketing recommendations to help marketers simplify their campaigns through an all-in-one platform.

Once you integrate Springbot with other tools or platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, AdRoll and MailChimp, you can run all your campaigns from a single location. Therefore, this means that you can schedule social media posts, send email campaigns, optimize your retargeting ads and calculate your ROI from Springbot.

Account & Pricing

A Springbot user needs to create a user account and log in from the Springbot extension. While the signup, download and install processes are all free, each user needs to pay a subscription to start using the Springbot services.

Pricing starts at $299 per month for the Starter Plan, $499 per month for the Pro Plan and $899 per month for the Pro Plus Plan. You can start with any of these pricing plans depending on your marketing budget and your online store’s specific needs.

Triggered Emails

You can track the revenue data and the performance of your triggered emails with Springbot. Furthermore. some of the vital insights the plugin will provide you about your performance include:

  • Behavioral triggers
  • Welcome emails
  • After-purchase emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Win-back emails
  • Anniversary emails

Advanced Retargeting Insights

Springbot helps you analyze the performance of your multi-channel marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. In addition, Springbot’s AdRoll analytics will help you identify best performing ads so you can tweak your campaigns for best results.

Furthermore, on the Springbot dashboard, you’ll find included AdRoll credit for analyzing the performance of your ads.

Social Hub

Benefits of the Social Hub feature include:

  • Ability to create catchy social media content and post it on the go
  • Use the Idea Hub to find relevant recommendations of what to post on your social media accounts
  • Use analytics to find out how your campaigns are performing on each social media platform
  • Ability to schedule all your social media posts

Customer Segments

Springbot provides users with built-in customer segments such as location, gender, age and household information. So, if you want to learn more about the demographics of your target market, then Springbot is a valuable tool.

RFM Segments

RFM segments are designed to give you more information about your best customers. The segments will also help you identify customers who are likely to leave and thus start targeting them with specific offers.

Custom Segments

Apart from the built-in customer segments, you can create your own segments. Custom segments will help you personalize your multi-channel marketing campaigns according to the specific needs, desires and values of your target audience.

Shoppable Instagram

Springbot allows you to drive more sales by transforming your Instagram account into a storefront. Create a shoppable landing page with product images and add it to your profile bio to make the checkout process navigable.

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, online shoppers are almost everywhere. Therefore, investing in a multi-channel marketing plugin such as Springbot will help you diversify your store’s ability to reach more people. Furthermore, it allows shoppers to have more control over the buying process.