Customer Support Outsourcing

Why Do Startups Prefer Customer Support Outsourcing?

Most startups lack a dedicated customer support department mostly due to insufficient capital. However, with increased competition across all industries, it’s now important for all startups to focus on the quality of their customer support services. Customer support outsourcing is now available to bridge that gap.

Here are some reasons why most startups prefer outsourcing customer support.

Lower Operating Costs

Outsourcing provides a viable option for startups due to its lower operating costs. When you outsource you don’t have to worry about additional office equipment, salaries, training, insurance and other expenses that come with an in-house team.

Instead, the outsourced service provider will absorb all these expenses. This leaves the business with more capital to invest in business growth. Also, startups save valuable time by not participating in the hiring process.

Industry Knowledge

When startups outsource the customer support process, a team of professionals who have been doing the work for many years, will be handling the entire process. The professionals working at these outsourcing firms already have a firm understanding of the demands that come with the modern customer.

With that in mind, they know which strategies to use and apply in different situations to offer the best customer support while helping startups to achieve their goals. With better customer service startups are able to retain more customers, thus improving their bottom line.


Call volumes increase and decrease depending on the time of the day or season, among other factors. As a result, in-house agents may sometimes be idle especially when there are minimal customers to attend to.

On the other hand, outsourced firms work with multiple agencies. When the call volume of one company is low, there is a high chance that another company is experiencing peak demand.

Therefore, they are able to work with efficiency. Also, these firms have the resources in case there is a higher demand for customer support. Startups cannot afford to pay idle workers since they already have capital limitations.

Focus On Key Business Operations

Most startups start with a few employees, with each individual allocated specific tasks. However, as the business expands these tasks tend to increase and the employees may not have increased within the same period.

When this happens, the existing employees will be forced to handle more tasks which reduces their performance significantly. Customer support outsourcing for startups relieves the pressure placed on these employees, thus improving their performance.

A Level Playing Field

Due to financial limitations most startups may not have the resources to hire or train customer support experts or the technology required to run those operations when compared to larger companies.

However, when they outsource these services they can access the same level of technology and professionals as their established counterparts. This move saves time, lowers costs and most importantly, levels the playing field.

Final Thoughts On Customer Support Outsourcing

For startups and small businesses, outsourcing customer support comes with flexibility, increased productivity and better business efficiency. With professionals handling customer issues, startups can now focus on core business operations such as generating more sales.