Trello For Business

Using Trello For Business To Monitor And Allocate Tasks To Your VA

Trello for business is an all-in-one project management tool that helps you work more collaboratively and accomplish more tasks. It gives you a visual overview on which tasks are being worked on, who is working on them and how far towards accomplishment the tasks are.

Its home view feature shows you everything that is happening across the board/s including notification from members, due dates and even suggestion on what actions to take next to move the project forward.

To every board you can invite a defined set of members who can view everything on the board. Here’s how you can use Trello to monitor and allocate tasks.

Allocate Tasks By Assigning Cards

To allocate tasks to your VA you assign them to cards. The cards are visible on the board to every member and the person to whom the task is assigned gets a notification.

You can then use labels on the cards to categorize each card. Labels come in the form of different colors or descriptions. This makes it easier for you as you can assign different tasks/ cards to your VA and label them differently based on their urgency.

This allows you and other team leaders to monitor progress at a glance with ease.

This gives the VA a daily work flow. Besides, you can assign cards for every day of the week that the VA works with you and they will have tasks for the whole week.

Once they’re done with any task, they just label it using a color known to you. Hence, at just a glance, you can monitor the workflow. Once a task is complete, you can archive it so that it disappears from your list but is still available in the menu.

However, if it’s a recurring task which has to be done daily or weekly, you simply remove the label from the task and it remains on the list.

Due Dates For Monitoring

Due dates come in handy when you need to monitor the progress of tasks assigned. When you give a due date to a card, you will be notified 24 hours prior.

Furthermore, the due dates are very visual, changing color according to the stage of completion. That is, gray to indicate there are more than 24 hours to accomplish the task, yellow- exactly 24 hours, red- the task is due, pink- past due and green indicates that the task is complete.

It works on real-time and so the due dates are effective.

Project Workflow

Project management can turn into an organizational nightmare fast. With multiple moving parts, they usually require the assistance of an organized mind. Therefore, break your online projects into small tasks and assign them to your VA.

If your next goal is to relaunch or redesign your website, delegate some of the tasks to the VA through cards on the Trello Board and monitor progress. Furthermore, you can add your input to each task through each card’s comments section.

Final Thoughts On Trello For Business

There are so many things that you need to juggle at any one time in a project that calls for a VA. Trello for business simplifies working with your VA as you can assign tasks and monitor them closely or at a glance.

Furthermore with the labeling, filters, due dates and calendar features, you don’t need to maintain paper diaries to keep track.