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5 Keys To Making Your Twitter Ad Campaigns More Effective

To most marketers, a lot of focus is given to Facebook and Instagram. Whereas the duo are giants in their own right, Twitter ad campaigns, when used professionally and strategically, could provide the much needed breakthrough in marketing.

Either as a standalone marketing strategy or one of the ingredients in a marketing mix, you need to understand how to optimize Twitter ad campaigns.

Here are 5 keys to making your Twitter Ad campaigns more effective.

1. Optimal Use Of Hashtags

The hashtags in Twitter ads, help you to go beyond your followers and be viewed by others. You can also use them to have a sustainable engagement with your followers.

For example, Roger Smith Hotel, New York, gives a 10 % discount to its Twitter audience. So influential is its Twitter ad campaigns among other marketing strategies that the hotel has been nicknamed the social media hotel.

However, do not over-use hashtags and emojis as this will alienate your customers. At the same time, you should avoid distracting hashtags. For example, you should direct online visitors to click on your call to action and not just the hashtag for its own sake.

2. Twitter Ad Campaigns Are Best When They Show Urgency

One of the best ways of attaining conversion is to show urgency. In other words, they should carry a message that is part of the present moment.

For instance, event targeting enables you to take advantage of a certain popular day, say Halloween and prepare yourself for discounts and offers. You need to exploit the psychological factors in instilling a sense of urgency.

However, you should be cautious. The sense of urgency should not be counterproductive to your brand.

3. Be Creative In Your Messages

The first thing to keep in mind is that you must follow the character limit for your Twitter message and from 2017, this has been 280 characters. The challenge here is how to be creative within this narrow limit.

In such a case, you must be in the know about what you feel your audience wants and customize your message to the same. Of course, with this type of character limit, repetition is a luxury you cannot afford.

4. Emphasize Human Relationships

It’s very critical that your marketing campaign emphasizes human relationships and Twitter ad campaigns are no exception. Your audience should be part and parcel of your business discourse.

In particular, you should learn to listen to their views and accommodate their opinion. Do not censor the communication between customers with fellow customers.

A company that has done well in communication among customers themselves is Pact Coffee, London, UK.

5. Experimentation And A/B Testing

You need to do effective A/B testing in order to proceed to actionable decisions. The Twitter dashboard gives unique features which can enable you to do A/B testing easily.

You can test several factors including message length, general and specific keywords, hashtags, videos, images and the time frequency for sending out tweets.

Conclusion On Effective Twitter Ad Campaigns

When it comes to Twitter ad campaigns, you should definitely be on board. Paid campaigns can turn around the success of your business and Twitter can help you raise your marketing bar.

Of particular significance is visual content and the positive impact it can have on your business. With Twitter Ad campaigns, you’ll retain existing customers, acquire new followers and attain a high rate of conversions.