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Tips For Providing Effective Customer Support Through Twitter Business

Customer support is important because it helps your customers to familiarize themselves with your products and services and assures them that you’ll be there to address any challenges they encounter using your products. One of the best ways to provide support for your customers is by using Twitter business.

Twitter for Business allows you to engage your customers directly and hear what they have to say about your brand. Below are a few tips you can use to provide effective customer service via Twitter business.

Make Conversations Private

Customers will usually engage your business on the public timeline. The main disadvantage of this is that there might be many tweets by other users. As a result, it may take a while to see their tweet and address the issues they’ve raised.

Fortunately, Twitter business has provided a way to ensure that you can engage directly with individual customers. This is through the use of specially formatted links that appear as call to action tweets on your page.

Once customers click on this link, they redirect to a direct messages page where you can engage them personally and resolve any issues they might have.

Enable Easy Conversations

Once your customers have clicked through to the direct message card, they’ll find that you’ve already preempted their next step and provided a series of questions that will help them indicate the exact problems they’re facing.

This is because you will already have supplied top options that they can use to select the next action to take. You can also give them the option to enter text values in order to get even more help.

The Direct Messaging card provides customers with up to 256 characters to send their message, a call to action button and image sharing capabilities.

This makes it easier for customers to reach you quickly and in turn ensures you discover the issues they’re facing directly. That way you can come up with an appropriate customer support plan.

Ask For Feedback

Twitter business supplies you with Customer Feedback Cards. These allow you to ask for feedback with regard to the interactions that customers have had with you.

This feedback allows you to improve your support systems and efforts. This will ensure that customer issues are resolved effectively.

Final Thoughts On Using Twitter Business

Twitter for Business supplies you with a number of tools to help you better interact with your customers. These include a special link that act as a CTA, Direct Messaging Card with text, image and video capabilities and customer feedback cards that allow you to gauge your customers’ experiences.

As a result, you can engage better with customers. Plus, you can resolve any issues they might have and ensure that you continuously improve your support systems. This will ensure the best experience for customers.