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Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile companies have discovered just how much their device’s cameras are used to capture both special moments and therefore have increased the RAM and ROM to help store every memory. However, very little has been done to the inbuilt photo and video editing tool. Therefore, if you need to add a special touch to your videos and photos, you will need the help of video editing apps.

Have a look at these top 5 video editing apps for smartphones and tablets.

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for android gadgets. It supports layers of images, videos and text, as well as trimming and cutting, precise volume envelope control, 3D transitions, color LUT filters, multi-track audio and much more.

It’s built for both professional and amateur video editors and it offers an unprecedented level of control for the mobile editing process. You can purchase it through monthly or annual subscriptions.

2. InShot

InShot is a powerful vertical video editor and video maker and is easy to use. It’s excellent for trimming, cutting and splitting long videos into small video clips. Moreover, it has a blur tool that will help you blur the background for photos and videos.

With this app, you can add music, stickers and text to your video. On the other hand, the feature for fast or slow-motion is fun to use. You can export your HD videos without losing the quality and all this is free.

3. PowerDirector

PowerDirector offers free video effects, great multiple track timeline, reverse video, slow motion and edit background, among many other amazing features. Using the chroma key, you can create voice-overs and action movie effects and produce 4K movies.

You can then share them on your social media accounts. It has stunning video effects and you can rotate, trim or split your videos.

4. VivaVideo

According to Android Authority and Tech Radar, Viva Video is the best free video editor app for android. It has tools to merge and trim clips in storyboard editing mode. The tool also instantly saves edited videos.

In addition, it offers video speed control with fast or slow-motion which has a playback of up to 0.2s. As you can see, this app helps you create professional videos.

5. VideoShow

VideoShow has over 2,000,000 five-star ratings and this makes it one of the best smartphone and tablet video editors. It’s a photo editor, video cutter, slideshow maker, GIF maker and movie maker.

You can also use it to add music, stickers and sound effects to beautify your video. It’s built for both professionals and amateurs.

Final Thoughts On Video Editing Apps

Like photos, most mobile videos are shot in the moment and most people don’t revisit them. Smartphone and tablet apps seek to change that narrative. With these apps, you can go back to your videos and edit them accordingly to make them professional as well as trim them to fit your sharing needs.

Furthermore, most of these tools will not only make your videos better but will also help you export them without compromising on quality.