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How To Use Infographics For E-commerce Video Transcripts

E-commerce videos have become a propeller for sales and a must have for most marketers. Videos appeal to your audiences since they catch their attention through both audio and visual. In addition to that, images are retained in the mind better than words. Businesses have gone a notch higher in their marketing to have video transcripts in their product descriptions as well as their marketing videos.

Transcripts are a text version of the video and they normally appear just below the it. There are various ways that video transcripts can be done and using infographics is one of them.

Here is how to use infographics for e-commerce video transcripts:

Using Piktochart

Piktochart has premium versions where you can use infographics for your video transcripts. However, you can first use the free trial and learn how to do it. You’ll need to login into your account in order to use the website and create your own infographic.

There are different formats available from which you can choose. There will also be available on your screen, some types of graphics and reports which you can customize.

After choosing an infographic that best suits your brand, you can put a subtitle and adjust the font according to your liking. Furthermore you can also edit the data available in the data box showing on your screen.

The process is well guided on the site and you only need to click through as the guide leads you.


With, you can start from scratch and create your own infographic before using it for your video transcript. By clicking the create button that will show on your screen once you navigate through the site, you’ll start the process.

Besides editing the already available data to suit your task, you can upload your own data. You can also add charts, maps, text and pictures for your e-commerce video transcription. However, to download you must have the paid version.

Using InfoActive

InfoActive offers both a free version and a paid version where you can create infographics and use them for your video transcripts. It’s easy to use and is mobile friendly.

It allows you to edit text by just hitting the icon showing a pencil on your screen. You can either choose to delete the text or edit it. You can also resize the text to best suit your intent.

You can edit every part of the details including charts. Furthermore, you can add your own charts and text to the infographic for better results and communication with your video transcript.

If you need to change the data, go over to the data tab and import files either as a CSV or from a spreadsheet. To change the theme, click on style and select your most preferred or customize accordingly.

Final Thoughts On Using Infographics For Video Transcripts

Transcripts make a video complete in that it serves those who prefer reading to listening as well as serves people who could be experiencing a language barrier. Transcripts do not necessarily have to be in the language of the video.

You can choose to transcribe based on your target audience’s language. Using infographics for your e-commerce video transcripts is one way to not only create transcripts for your marketing videos but also a way to add other useful information pertaining related data including charts.

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