How You Can Use WatchCount To Find Popular Products To Sell On eBay

On eBay, knowing the popular products with the most “Watch This Item” clicks, is very crucial. With WatchCount, you can conduct extensive item searches on eBay and list the products by number of current watchers.

Read on to learn more about how to use WatchCount to find the most popular products to sell on eBay.

How It Works

The popularity of a product listed on eBay is measured by the number of people who are watching the item at the time of the WatchCount search. You can use an eBay store name, product categories or particular keywords to perform your search. When you specify the store, the tool will generate results that have the item’s price in your currency.

On the results, you’ll be able to view the product’s original eBay URL, thumbnail image, active watchers, past sales, current bid and the remaining bidding time. This is vital information for any smart digital marketer looking for popular products to sell on the marketplace.

Why You Need WatchCount

It’s every online seller’s desire to know the popular or fast-moving products to sell. Unfortunately, while these popular products are typically more lucrative, finding them is a time-consuming process.

In fact, you may spend an entire day searching for popular products only to find a few of them. Furthermore, you’ll need to scour the internet extensively to find vital information about the few popular finds on your list.

So, if you want to save your valuable time to focus on the core aspects of running your business, consider using WatchCount. Using this tool to find popular products in real-time will make a huge difference in the growth of your business. Moreover, the tool will also show you a few gaps in the market that you can capitalize on.

Finding the products that are in demand requires you to take advantage of a load of product data available on eBay. But, to get the accurate data, you must use the right tool to mine it.

Helps You Find Keywords

Apart from using WatchCount, eBay is a great platform for performing trending keyword searches. For instance, once you type in a keyword on the eBay search bar, the system generates a list of popular keywords based on how frequent users have searched for the keywords.

The results you receive show keywords that are closely related to the keyword you typed in. You’ll also see product categories for the products related to your keyword highlighted in the results.

With WatchCount, you make the entire process much easier. Once you have seen the most watched products on eBay, you can start brainstorming product ideas that are profitable. The tool will also guide you in writing converting product descriptions and identifying the right keywords to use in optimizing your product pages.

As a digital marketer on eBay, you need to be smart in order to stay ahead of the competition and sell more. Instead of just selling anything or relying on guesswork, use WatchCount to find popular products you should sell on the platform. The tool uses real-time statistics of people who are watching different products to generate an accurate number of watchers.