what is kartra

What Is Kartra And How Can It Help Your Affiliate Business?

As an affiliate business owner, you need an effective digital marketing tool to help you grow your business. However, you just can’t open the doors to your affiliate program and expect to achieve success magically. Your need to come with a viable strategy and invest in the right digital marketing tools such as Kartra to make it happen. So, what is Kartra?

What Is Karta?

Kartra is a very resourceful all in one digital marketing tool with an affiliate marketing feature. It’s designed to help boost the effectiveness of affiliate business models.

Kartra doesn’t replace your entrepreneurial spirit. Rather, it’s a user-friendly tool that you can use to automate various digital marketing processes and make work easier.

Automating repetitive affiliate marketing tasks will reduce the amount of time you spend in tracking the performance of your army of affiliates.

It Thoroughly Screens Your Affiliates

In most businesses, about 80 percent of their sales come from 20 percent of their affiliates. Even with one super affiliate marketer you can start seeing your sales numbers surging. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find such talented affiliates by accident.

You need to work extra hard in order to find the best digital marketers for your affiliate program to succeed. Finding the right team starts by knowing the affiliates who enter your affiliate program.

Kartra allows to you make it mandatory for all applicants to fill in a questionnaire. That level of screening lets you pick the best affiliates based on a predetermined criteria. The screening questionnaire will give you a good idea of the type of digital marketers in your army of affiliates.

Helps You Spot Talented Affiliates

Moreover, that gives you an opportunity to know when a valued player joins your affiliate program. For example, if an experienced affiliate marketer with an active list of thousands of people joins your program, he or she will swipe through your instructional materials and prepared squeeze pages.

The affiliate marketer will quickly leave the program or just ignore the membership if your program’s setup is not that convincing. So, if you’re not constantly screening your affiliates to know who is joining your program, you won’t even know that this had taken place.

In other words, your program was on the verge of sealing a huge joint venture deal but blew it up unknowingly. Hence, with Kartra you can spot talented affiliates. Then, you can reach out to them personally and grab such opportunities. This could transform your affiliate business.

Make Purchasing A Requirement

Successful affiliate marketers tend to promote products or services they have tried or tested. So, it’s wise to consider encouraging new affiliates to purchase your product first to weed out less serious applicants.

You could achieve this by asking new applicants to name some of the features they liked about your product in the questionnaire. Rejecting an affiliate application from a marketer who has never used your product is a judgment call that you should seriously consider.

You can also use the tool to recognize the performance of each team member and run effective affiliate competitions. It’s amazing how affiliate marketers can push to win tangible prizes even if the prize in an affordable item.

Final Thoughts On What Is Kartra

With Kartra’s affiliate marketing feature, you can quickly set up your own affiliate program in just a few clicks. In addition, the tool will also help you secure the right affiliate marketers. This will allow you to guide them in promoting your products successfully.

Therefore, using Kartra to launch and manage your affiliate program is one way of turning your regular affiliate marketers into super affiliates.