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How To Find The Best Wholesalers For Amazon FBA Stock

Finding the right products for your Amazon FBA business is the secret to making your online venture successful. But, with the millions of wholesalers out there, finding the best wholesalers for Amazon stock can be confusing. Here are tips and ways of sourcing your Amazon FBA stock.

Clearance Aisles

In order to succeed as an FBA seller, you need to find cheap products that you can resell profitably on Amazon. In clearance aisles, you can get great products being sold at deep discounts.

Wholesalers who want to clear their inventory for new stock love using these aisles to find potential Amazon FBA resellers. Interestingly, some of the products you can find in these clearance sections are still in great condition. For instance, you can find great products on clearance in fashion stores and drug stores.

Dropshipping Suppliers

A dropshipping supplier will take the burden of dealing with logistics and fulfilling off your shoulders. The dropshipper takes the products you’ve ordered and directly ships them to the customer on your behalf.

However, you must be careful when it comes to choosing the right dropshippers to avoid incurring losses. This happens when the dropshipper runs out of stock or starts dropshipping poor quality products. If you start doing several order cancellations or sending substandard products to your customers your FBA business will take a hit.

B2B Online Marketplaces

Many Amazon FBA sellers rely on B2B online marketplaces when sourcing inventory. China-based B2B online marketplaces are the most favorite among many sellers because they sell very cheap products.

Working with a single supplier gives you a better chance of getting high profit margins and a high level of convenience that saves time. Alibaba is a reputable and trustworthy B2B online marketplace you should consider trying out.

Liquidation Stores

At liquidation stores, you can find a lot of profitable products being sold at throwaway prices. The stock in liquidation stores is usually acquired from clearance aisles, bankrupt shelf pulls and liquidated stores. Make sure you evaluate each product or package to ensure it’s in a salable condition, especially if you’re purchasing the products from an online liquidation store.

Online Wholesale Directories

Check out popular online wholesale directories for more wholesalers. Make a list of credible wholesalers and do some background checks before agreeing to any deals with suppliers on these directories.

This is crucial because you may encounter scammers on these directories who’ll take your money and disappear into thin air. Ultimately, by browsing through the hundreds of wholesalers and doing thorough research, you’ll find the products you’re looking for at cheap prices.

Thrift Stores And Garage Sales

Some wholesalers sell high-quality products at thrift stores and garage sales very cheaply. However, you need to be cautious when purchasing merchandise from these outlets because some of the products might not be resalable. Some of the auctioned items in such locations include donated wares and overstocks.

Being an Amazon FBA seller is a great way of striking that work-life balance by working from home. However, you need to find profitable products from legit wholesalers to pull it off. Since all wholesalers are not the same, you need to do your due diligence and research widely before settling on a few credible wholesalers.