wholesalers for drop shipping

How To Connect With Wholesalers For Drop Shipping

Finding the right wholesalers or suppliers and building strong business relationships is the foundation of the dropshipping business model. The way you connect with your suppliers will define the path your business will take towards success. Here are ways to connect with wholesalers for drop shipping.

Research Extensively

Conducting thorough market research is inevitable in any business. Once you’ve decided on the products you intend to sell in your store, research extensively to find the right dropshipping wholesalers who will satisfy your store’s specific needs.

Depending on your chosen product niche, you might choose to go with domestic or overseas dropshipping wholesalers. You need to understand every dropshipping aspect of your suppliers in terms of raw material sourcing, service potential and delivery times.

Pay Your Supplier Promptly

In order to keep your dropshipping business up and running, you need to make sure that your suppliers are paid on time. Just like you, the wholesalers are in the business of making money and will only supply to responsive clients.

In other words, you need to be a responsible business partner who doesn’t delay payments. In fact, without the supplier, your dropshipping online store is as good as dead.

But, in case the payments have to be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, it pays to let your dropshipping wholesalers know in advance.

Communicate In A Friendly Manner

Established dropshipping wholesalers have sales and customer service representatives who might not be native English speakers. Therefore, it’s your duty to learn how to communicate with the sales representatives in a warm and friendly manner.

Instead of jumping straight into pitching your business product idea or partnership proposal, take some time to build a good rapport. For example, you can preface your opening statements with something like “Hello, how are you doing today? I hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you can do me a favor.”

You’ll be surprised at how helpful and accommodating the sales reps will become when you make the effort to sound friendly.

Address Any Arising Issues Promptly

Ensure you inform the wholesalers of any anomaly as soon as you notice it. Keeping them in the dark whenever something goes wrong may ruin the relationship. This will eventually be counterproductive for your dropshipping online business.

For example, if a customer leaves a negative review on your dropshipping website and goes ahead to ask for a refund, consider sharing this information with your wholesaler.

In fact, you’d be surprised at how reaching out to your wholesaler will help you bridge the gap. This is far easier than trying to deal with the problem of losses internally.

In other words, always monitor the ordering and shipping processes. Plus, discuss any arising issues with the wholesaler to prevent them from happening in the future. Remember, your supplier can’t solve a problem if he or she is not aware of.

Final Thoughts On Connecting With Wholesalers For Drop Shipping

Interestingly, dropshipping wholesalers are not good at marketing themselves effectively. Hence, finding the perfect wholesalers for your dropshipping business can be a challenging process.

Furthermore, since most of the reliable dropshipping wholesalers are from Asia, you might also encounter a language barrier. Therefore, once you manage to get reliable wholesalers, it pays to build healthy business relationships that will last in the long term.