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Ensure Your Support Tickets Are Actioned Fast With Zapier Zendesk

Zendesk help desk support is an online platform that simplifies the customer support process. When you use the Zapier Zendesk integration, you automate your support tickets so that they can be actioned much faster.

The Serial Switchers report by New Voice Media has a damning statement which shows that poor customer service has resulted in losses for businesses to the tune of $75 billion a year. As a result, 67% of customers have become serial switchers and would rather switch brands due to poor customer service.

The Reasons Automated Support Is Necessary

Every time a customer raised a support ticket, it means that they have a problem. The support team must determine if the customer has previously contacted the company.

They must find out what the customer’s issue is and if they can resolve the matter with a current help document.

This is where automation comes in. An integrated Zapier Zendesk approach is vital in assisting your business with customer support because it gathers information on customers while determining their problems and routing their support tickets to the person who can best handle their case.

This ensures that the problem receives a faster resolution.

Improving Customer Relations With Faster Responses

When your customer’s support tickets are actioned fast, it helps to enhance the relationships that you have with your customers. Zapier’s Zendesk saves you and your customers’ time because it performs these tedious tasks.

Using this integration approach helps to automate manual export and data entry using connections that are known as Zaps. The advantage of using Zaps is that you can start as soon as you’re ready because there’s no requirement for coding.

Zendesk will work as the trigger for the Zaps so that you don’t need to perform the tedious tasks of exporting or copying tickets again. All you need to do is use Zendesk as an action and this will enable Zapier to generate and then bring tickets up to date.

It will actually do much more using other sources as well and you’ll not have to do anything at all. All these results ensure faster handling of support tickets and happy customers.

You can choose to have your own personalized Zap on Zapier or you can also use the various options available as Zendesk use-cases.

Use The Zapier Zendesk Automation To Achieve More With Less

If you want efficiency, the Zapier Zendesk integration is the best option for you. As far as support is concerned, every team has an approach for managing its queues using a number of apps available in the market.

You want to know that you can depend on the tools that you’re using to achieve more using less. This is why Zapier is ideal because it’s an ideal integration tool.

Your customer support app is important because here is where emails, Tweets, chat messages and a lot more is collated from your customers. If you don’t take care of your customer support apps team inbox, you might find it fills up fast.

When messages from your customers remain unanswered, there’s no doubt that the customers will be unhappy.

The idea behind a great support automation approach is to ensure that your customers get the attention they deserve. A Zapier and Zendesk integration is ideal in ensuring that you communicate with your customers much faster. This way you can solve their problems at a very personal level.

When you communicate with your customers using their custom profiles, you can be sure that they’ll always be happy.

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